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The Necessary beauty of Negativity: Musings from Yogic and Applied EcoPsychology perspectives

Part 1 Yoga Negativity gets a bad rap, no one wants to be around a “negative Nelli” and negativity can be draining. In certain contexts that draining and lack can be a valuable thing which is why it’s both a necessary part of Yoga and is absolutely a part of Nature. Our...


Yoga is not a class

Photo by Dingzeu-li on Unsplash Yoga is not a class. It has nothing to do with stretching, it can’t be taught, and it’s not about going after “connection.” This is not about how horrible yoga classes are; there are valuable things about classes, and you can read about them at the end of...


5 Ways that Highlight that Nature was originally part of a Yoga practice.

Photo by Yogi Madhav from Unsplash 5 ways that highlight that Yoga was originally practiced in connection with Nature and why that’s important. For many years humans lived more in contact with nature than we currently do; and there was a wisdom, a connection that arose from that interaction...


Nature has Edges

I’ve been exploring my edginess in the last few years. I used to be really sweet, but now not as much – and I love it. I think the most refreshing aha that I had around this was when I was studying permaculture. In permaculture we try to create as much edge as possible because that's where...