For those of us who are heartbroken about what we humans are doing to Nature.

EcoYogaTherapy(TM) uses Yoga and Nature to heal the pain and disconnect to create a deeper sense of peace, place and connection.

We do this through contemplation, awareness, yogic techniques and applied eco-psychology activities...and by having the conversations that begin the healing of our personal & societal, mental & emotional disconnect to Nature, Earth AND ourselves.

EcoYogaTherapy(TM) arose out of years of helping yoga students understand Nature's language, working through the distrustful stories about our senses being something to 'turn off' and how forcing our bodies is somehow 'spiritual'.

EcoYogaTherapy(TM) is a calling back, a remembering of what it's like to listen to the subtler in-the-moment communication that Nature and our inner nature are expressing.

It's a honouring of our innate connection to Earth, ourselves as part of Nature, and our own internal spaces.

There's a knowing within that we belong in harmony and communication with Nature.

This knowing comes from within the wisdom body, the Vijnanamaya (wisdom body).

Let's break it down a little further...

Eco is a Greek word that means house/home. In our daily vernacular we use the word Eco in reference to Earth, ecology, Nature. When something is eco-friendly it is environmentally friendly.

Yoga is a both a practice and an experience that calls us back into our koshas (bodies). It asks us to introvert and to look within to find our own direct understanding and experience of ourselves, life, and others. It demands we settle into presence and be with reality. In this way, it calls us back to a place of natural connection - home, if you will.

Why then, are our practices so removed from Nature? Not just physically removed, but also mentally and emotionally removed.

Societally, we think of Nature as a playground, a place to retreat to, something to be overcome; not as a relationship to be nurtured.

And yet, there's something that draws us back home in our yoga - you can see it subtly making its way out of the shadows; there are thousands of pictures of people 'doing' yoga postures in Natural settings, retreats are almost always set in Natural areas.


It seems to me that we intuitively know that Yoga is a practice that needs Nature to be whole. We need Nature to be whole, connected, free, peaceful, and healthy.

As our world gets faster and busier we are slowly realizing the need to nurture ourselves and to slow down, but what if nurturing ourselves meant nurturing our Nature as well?

In EcoYogaTherapy(TM) we delve directly into Nature and Yoga, feel for and remember the threads and connection of these two that are one. By healing this divide of Nature & Inner Nature we can experience a deep sense of Yoga, oneness, connection, and what it means to be a human in all of this.

It's an environmentally friendly and inner nature friendly practice.


Is EcoYogaTherapy(TM) for you?

Venn diagrams are awesome!

I am still working on how to word this wonderfully original work in a way that others can understand. Until the time that the words magically appear I have created a Venn diagram to assist you in determining if this work is a fit for you.

Conversations With Nature e-course

Learning the foundations of being able to be present with Nature.

Much like Sutra 1.0, we have to start somewhere; so we start here & now, at the beginning by learning how to engage with Nature in a sensory, consensual, present way.

Moved By Connectedness

"I'm getting deeper into what it is to be moved by connectedness, to be able to abide in that space before and after thought until what is called forth is not fabricated by a mental effort but by something much deeper, larger, more full..."

- Chris Alford, Australia

EcoYogaTherapy courses

Yoga With Nature book

It's here...

An in-depth textbook to help Yoga practitioners bring their experience back to Nature, and their inner nature.

Yoga With Nature is the book that started it all. I had been in Applied EcoPsychology for years and I just kept seeing all the Yoga people come through the course and see them have to work through the stories, views, and veils that are present in Yoga.

So I wrote this book, or perhaps this book wrote itself and I was simply the delivery person. Anyway, the darn thing needed out of me.

I presented it to my professor and he told me I couldn't (really shouldn't) teach it until I had my doctorate. Thus began a really long journey of testing out my ideas and theories that had been rattling around in my head for years.

Some of these ideas became clearer, more trustworthy, and more succinct while it was clear that other ideas were misunderstandings. Once I set those down, the result was freedom, and thus began my love affair with finding reality. The whole process of my dissertation and my book was an amazing (amazingly long - like 10 years) journey through my beliefs, what I understood Yoga to be, where I fit in, and what I had to offer our community.

The book is now available in digital or coil bound format.

…more in tune with what I call the truth…

"I was able to become even more in tune with what I call the truth of my existence and that which exists around me. I am beginning to see what is called “yoga” in a whole new light. As a result, I want to experience it more. The reason I never got into it as much in the past as I looked at it as just another form of exercise where people who do it are very limber. I didn’t understand what the concept of “yoga” really was until now."

- Margie S.